Museon presents 70 years of Peace-Making, Free admission!

24 september International Open Doors

The Museon is open from 11:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, September 24th and admission is free.

The opening of The Hague International Open Day will be organised by Alderman International, Saskia Bruines. and will take place at the Museon.

After the opening, from 1:00 pm a rolling program with ‘Moving images, a film about Peacekeeping’ begins, a documentary festival composed by Chaim Litewski, Former Head of United Nations Television. A number of students from the Design Academy and the KABK in The Hague present their final exam in the Levi Lassenzaal. In the International Lounge of the Museon, the temporary photo exhibition ’70 Years of Peacekeeping ‘is also taken care of by Chaim Litewski. But you can also visit the One Planet exhibition and there is a children’s quest.

23 september – 24 september Visualising Peace & Justice

A number of students from the Design Academy will be presenting their final exam works in the Levi Lassenzaal of the Museon. This year the students of KABK will also be joining in.

Their graduation project was inspired by Peace and Justice. Last year was their  expo inspired by social design the highlight of the festival and have won the students a prestigious design award.

24 september Documentaire festival ‘Moving images, a film about Peacekeeping’

From 1:00 p.m. a rolling program starts with the ‘Moving images, a film about Peacekeeping’, a documentaire festival, composed by Chaim Litewski, Former Head of United Nations Television. Here we present a selection of documentairies from the UN archieve with the theme of ‘peacekeeping’. We will especially pay attention to the role of the individuele in this proces.

The program shows historical and actual documentairies from all over the world and will take about 75 minutes. After the show there will be a talk with Chaim Litewski, the curator of the festival.

24 september The Hague Orchestra for Peace

This year there will be a musical performance by the “The Hague Orchestra for Peace”. A diverse group of musicians from different countries come together to play new compositions with the theme of unity.

They see music as the perfect language for peace. It communicates over borders, both collectively and individually.

24 september – 24 oktober Fototentoonstelling ’70 Years of Peacekeeping

In the International Lounge of the Museom is the temporary photo gallery of ’70 Years of Peacekeeping’ available, also hosted by Chaim Litewiski. The photos offer insight into the activities of the UN when it comes to peace, peace talks, maintaining the peace and preemptive diplomacy.

The exhibition will be hosted in the International Lounge till the 24th of October.

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