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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are loaded in the browser on a PC, laptop or mobile phone. We use different types of cookies. Below you will find our cookies in a row.


These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website or app. Think of memorizing your favorite, chatting with our employees, logging in to the website or making sure that you do not see the cookie at every visit.

Naam Techniek Doel Geldigheid Privacybeleid
cookieconsent_status Cookie Remember that the user has accepted cookies. 1 year intern



We use cookies for statistics to analyze how visitors use the website or app. In this way we discover what we can improve to offer everyone the best possible user experience.

Naam Techniek Doel Geldigheid Privacybeleid
_ga Cookie With Google Analytics we measure how you use the Website and how you found the Website. We use this knowledge to improve the Website. With Google Analytics, we can analyze visitor behavior on an aggregated level so that we can improve the Website for the visitors on the basis of aggregated insights and make them better suited to the preferences of the visitors. 2 years extern
_gad Cookie See above session extern
_gid Cookie See above session extern
collect Cookie See above session extern