Het Nutshuis: Justice and Peace

Come visit us on the International Day of Peace and learn about your digital rights!

What security measures do you take to secure your phone? Do you have a password, use facial/fingerprint recognition, or two-step verification? Would this be enough to secure your phone, or is there more you can do? Is it possible that people break into your phone and read your messages and e-mails, or can people secretly spy on you through your front camera?

These questions might seem extreme, but for those that defend human rights, these questions are a daily reality. Whether they are activists, lawyers, journalists, or artists, human rights defenders (HRDs) from all corners of the world face threats, harassment and surveillance simply for standing up for the rights and freedoms of others. That is why we at Justice and Peace see their protection as key to ensuring the promotion of human rights for all.

Through our Shelter City programme, human rights defenders at risk can temporarily relocate to one of the 11 Dutch Shelter Cities for a period of three months where they can rest, expand their network, work in safety, and access vital security training.

During your visit at Justice and Peace, one of our digital security trainers will give a short, interactive training on how to secure your phone and data, and you will have the opportunity to speak to two human rights activists about their work. With this visit, we hope you leave feeling more digitally secure, but also inspired to make a positive change for human rights!


Meet and greet 13.30-13.40
Digital security training 13.40-14.05
Presentation by two HRDs 14.05-14.20
Q&As 14.20-14.30

About us

Justice and Peace is a Hague-based human rights NGO that focuses on positive, practical and solutions-based approaches to ensure lasting change for human rights for everyone, everywhere. Through 50 years of experience, we know that the most effective way to achieve our vision of a just and sustainable world is through empowering change on the local level, working together, and adapting to the needs of the present and future.

Our work focus on two issues vital to progressing human rights – the protection and integration of refugees through our initiatives Welkom Hier, Samen Hier and Haagse Huiskamer, and the protection of human rights defenders through our initiatives Shelter City and the Resilience Initiative.


Riviervismarkt 5
2513 AM The Hague


About Het Nutshuis:

Het Nutshuis houses 10 social-cultural offices, out of which 4 are international. It is an independent podium for art, culture and society. Programmes are compiled with a particular emphasis on the backgrounds to, and diverse perspectives of, current social issues.

Het Nutshuis is continuing the ideology of Het Nut, a 19th-century citizens’ initiative that supported the ’development and elevation of the common man’.  Improving the social position of the lower classes was an important part of this ambition. Not just in the socio-economic sense, but also in cultural terms. Het Nutshuis is still committed to the basis of this ideology, offering people the tools and knowledge that will help them to find their feet in an ever-changing urban environment. In Het Nutshuis, the public and groundbreakers have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experiment.

Het Nutshuis is an initiative by Fonds1818.


Most organisations have strict security. Because of this, we have added a list of the DO’s and DON’Ts for you. As a visitor, you’ll be required to follow these. You will receive your security passes a week beforehand via e-mail. We ask you to please bring it with you. The security of the organisations can ask you to show your passes. Although the chance is there that registration will be enough and you will not be asked to show your pass. At all times you are required to bring a legal personal ID, like a passport of a ID-Card. Bus-, library, etc. cards are not valid identification. Security checks take time, so please keep this in mind when visiting. We ask for your patience for any eventual waiting times.


  • Bring a valid ID like a passport or ID card
  • Bring a your admission ticket (print or online version)
  • Keep in mind that security checks can take some time.
  • Listen and comply with security.


  • Do not bring large bags.
  • Do not bring prams unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not bring electronic devices.
  • Photos and video recordings aren’t always permitted.