Het Nutshuis: Human Security Collective

What does security mean to you?

On the International Day on the 23rd of September, Human Security Collective will conduct an interactive session, where visitors will be able to discuss and explore what security means to them through an dynamic mindmapping exercise. Using the responses from the participants as a jumping off point, the HSC team will discuss the concept of human security, and how this is applied in our work. We will discuss the importance and usefulness of the concept of human security when tackling societal issues. Participants will then have a chance to ask questions.

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation based in The Hague working on issues of development, security and the involvement of citizens in their communities. We believe that the idea of human security, which is a holistic, people-centered approach rooted in human rights, provides an organizing frame for action. In our work, we address the current asymmetric character of decision-making in the domain of security by ensuring multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement, and protecting and expanding the operational and political space of civil society. HSC’s youth leadership programs take an approach which, with its elements of local ownership, trust-creation and empowering of agents for positive change within communities, strengthen a new generation of leadership that promotes critical thinking, gender parity, collective action and engagement with the security sector to strengthen social cohesion.


  • 10 minutes welcome
  • 25 minutes activity (mindmap on security)
  • 15 minutes presentation of HSC & our work
  • 10 minutes Q&A

A visit takes approximately 60 minutes (15.30 – 16.30 uur).


Het Nutshuis
Riviervismarkt 5
2513 AM DEn Haag


About Het Nutshuis:

Het Nutshuis houses 10 social-cultural offices, out of which 4 are international. It is an independent podium for art, culture and society. Programmes are compiled with a particular emphasis on the backgrounds to, and diverse perspectives of, current social issues.

Het Nutshuis is continuing the ideology of Het Nut, a 19th-century citizens’ initiative that supported the ’development and elevation of the common man’.  Improving the social position of the lower classes was an important part of this ambition. Not just in the socio-economic sense, but also in cultural terms. Het Nutshuis is still committed to the basis of this ideology, offering people the tools and knowledge that will help them to find their feet in an ever-changing urban environment. In Het Nutshuis, the public and groundbreakers have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experiment.

Het Nutshuis is an initiative by Fonds1818.


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  • Bring a your admission ticket (print or online version)
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  • Do not bring large bags.
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